“Dude, your screwed!” PF Toms new TV show

CostaRica Crew Shot LRCast and producer in Costa Rica

Ok, its official. Discovery channel has announced the TV show I have been involved with for the past couple of years. Ill be on the show with my friends Jake Zweig, matt,John, and Terry. Besides the fact the folks at discovery gave me a pussy looking Bio “a veteran Army scout” etc. and the Time slot for the show is a fucked up 10 PM on a Sunday, AND it has a stupid name. Some of you might like the content.

Keep in mind, it is just TV, and Im not an actor,I only did the the show for the money so I could finance more trips around the world. But, I did what they asked and was paid for it. so….if I look like a jackass, just shake your head and change the channel, but, if you like the show you can have bragging rights.

See you on the trail , Tomahawk / Pathfindertom


7 thoughts on ““Dude, your screwed!” PF Toms new TV show

  1. I can’t wait to see the S.E.Asia episode. Your colleagues will be struggling. On the other hand, you’ll be surrounded by your haren network of asian lovelies!

  2. Hey you old mule skinner! You need to do a true hard core survival show like three guys in a van on a two week Montana adventure living on nothing but spam,garbonza beans,beer and chew. Just the smell of the van after day four was a test of stamina and intestinal fortitude.Endeavor to persevere.

  3. Hey me and the family found the show while channel surfin. We watched it and loved it. Looking right now to see when it is listed. Great job!

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