Are you in need of a used car, truck, van, or SUV? If so, you may wonder whether you should make your purchase through an individual seller or a dealership. Opting for a used car dealership does have a handful of benefits. A few of these benefits include:

Dealers are Easy to Find

It is much easier to come across a list of 25 used car dealers than 25 individual car sellers who may or may not have the make, model, and year you were looking for. What is the best way to find a dealer? If you live in a large city, just drive around! If you'd like to plan ahead, use your local phonebook or an online business directory to instantly be connected with 50 plus used car dealerships in your area. To save time, call ahead to inquire about the inventory selection.

Guaranteed Good Selection of Vehicles

Unlike your traditional individual car seller who is looking to replace a used car with a new one or a seller who is looking to get some money to payoff overdue bills, dealers are in the business to make money. Money can only be made when they have inventory to sell off. The more inventory, the better. That is why you will always find a great selection of used cars at a dealership lot. Small dealers may have 15 cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs, but larger size lots may have 50 or more for you to choose from!

Experienced Salesperson Familiar with Cars

Now, this can go either way. You have a used car dealership owner or a salesperson who is familiar with vehicles. Some borderline criminals will use this knowledge and your lack of knowledge to take advantage of you, but most will not. Walk into a used car dealer and tell them your wants, needs, and budget (aim for lower at first), and watch as they take great steps to pair you with the best car possible.

Needed Repairs Often Made Beforehand

It is rare to find a used car dealership lot that doesn't have a garage onsite. This is due to the fact that many run dual businesses; a used car dealer is often an auto mechanic and visa versa. There are two main reasons why needed repairs are often performed on vehicles before they sell.

First, dealers run a business that must have a good public opinion. They have a business reputation that is often upheld by word of mouth; therefore, most want to ensure you drive off the lot with a quality vehicle that isn't going to need a funeral in two months. Moreover, dealers know that vehicles with recent repairs and upgrades are able to fetch a higher price; therefore, work is typically performed.

Some Type of Warranty Typically Offered

A used car dealer is not required to offer you a warranty on a used car. Despite that fact, you'll find that many do extend a short six-month warranty. This warranty is often offered and provided as a form or reassurance. Be sure to read the fine print of any limited used car warranty before making your purchase, but it can and should provide you with an extra level of comfort that one was offered.