Unfortunately, two of the most unfavorable aspects of owning an auto, are maintaining the vehicle and effecting any necessary repairs. The purchase of a brand new vehicle will however, include a manufacturer's warranty, with certain stipulations, that will extend for a specified period of time.

During the period that the vehicle is under warranty, the auto dealer will carry out any needed repairs and replace any parts that are covered by the warranty, for no charge. It is a good idea to have all repair work carried out by the dealer while the vehicle is under warranty, as the original vehicle manufacturer could also provide an extended warranty.

An extended warranty, may cover the replacement of any major power train components such as, engine, transmission and differential. Of course, when a new car warranty has expired then an auto owner has the option of choosing any competitive workshop to have the vehicle maintained.

Auto repair is not really an attractive or lucrative profession, however members that join the auto repair industry are well trained, dedicated people that take great pride in their workmanship. Industry members also enjoy the distinction of being placed among the elite of blue collar workers.

Generally, Auto repairs that are carried out at a reputable workshop are expensive, particularly when an auto has been imported or is an all terrain type of vehicle. To have repairs carried out professionally by a qualified technician, then the auto owner must be prepared to pay for the workmanship, especially if the work is to be fully guaranteed by the workshop owner.

Actually, the Better Business Bureau places auto repairs second amongst the most common of all business complaints that it deals with. It is imperative therefore, to have any auto repairs carried out by an authorized, and reputable workshop. Admittedly this is not such an easy task, as it is extremely difficult at times, to find business persons that care for their customers and give them the respect that they rightfully deserve.

It is quite a common practice for auto owners to negotiate with the workshop owner as to the degree of service and terms of any guarantee that may be provided. Any extras that are provided by the workshop as part of the service, such as, car shampoo, tire rotating and blacking may be negotiated away. The auto owner may also negotiate to supply any auto parts that are needed thus reducing the workshop repair bill.

Some people have chosen auto repair as a hobby and are able to carry out basic, maintenance and repair work at their homes. This group of hobbyists, will care about their autos and provide more attention to detail than would the service mechanic who is governed by a clock. They also have the advantage of knowing exactly what is being done to their autos and are able to take precautions that could save them from further costly repair work.